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Clinical Pain Science: A Transdisciplinary Approach - Portland, OR (April 26-27, 2019)

January 21, 2019
Source: Paradigm Education LLC

Clinical Pain Science (Two Day Course)

Hosted on April 26-27 at Providence Portland Medical Center (4805 NE Glisan St, Portland 97213)
Sponsored by Paradigm Education LLC

This course qualifies for 13 contact hours for PT.

There is a revolution occurring in the healthcare world when it comes to pain. Integration of up-to-date pain science into clinical practice can be challenging. Some may feel that incorporating current evidence into their practice invalidates their prior education, while others may feel that it is “too complex” or “too confusing” for clinical practice. Complex pain patients are a difficult population that many therapists feel they can’t properly help. Often times, this lack of perceived progress or therapeutic ineffectiveness can lead to feelings of burnout. This can change. Clinical Pain Science provides a bridge between the science of pain and its application. The course will provide participants with an easy-to-apply conceptual model that simplifies how to understand pain. This model can then be used to ‘deconstruct’ their client’s pain to identify a therapeutic plan, where they can utilize their existing skill set (if applied differently). Course materials are designed to be engaging and are presented in a blended fashion that utilizes both didactics and experiential applications.

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January 21, 2019
Source: Paradigm Education LLC

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