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Class announcement: PainWise First Steps, Lincoln City

August 22, 2017
The dates and location for this course have not yet been determined. Please call (541) 768-6811 or email for more information, and to sign up in advance. This free, six-week course will provide participants with effective tools to help manage chronic pain. Each session will incorporate behavioral health and gentle movement components with instruction by a trained behaviorist and a physical therapist.

Sleep-Wake Disorders and Chronic Pain: Reciprocal and Interactive Effects

August 22, 2017
Source: Practical Pain Management
Since sleep and chronic pain often co-exist, each condition should be individually recognized to assure the patient receiving attention to both the medical and mental health conditions.

Why Data About the Opioid Epidemic Is So Unreliable, and How To Fix It.

August 19, 2017
Source: Slate
Headlines about the opioid epidemic come with often staggering reports of the numbers of deaths, of overdoses, and of lives saved by Naloxone. As staggering as those numbers are, though, there are many reasons to believe the numbers we have are unreliable.

Foster care rates skyrocketing amid drug addiction in southern Oregon

August 19, 2017
Source: The News-Review (Douglas County, OR)
Drug use is increasing in rural Oregon, particularly with an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. As drug arrests, hospitalizations and overdoses have increased, so has the number of children entering the foster care system in these communities.

How Job Loss Can Lead to Drug Use

July 26, 2017
Source: The Atlantic
Several studies suggest the opioid crisis might be at least partly the result of widespread unemployment.

How tapering off opioids can help people with chronic pain

July 26, 2017
Source: CNN
A study published this week in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine bolsters this idea, finding that chronic pain patients who taper off opioids can have a better quality of life without them.

Patient Characteristics of Opioid-Related Inpatient Stays and Emergency Department Visits Nationally and by State, 2014

June 20, 2017
Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Between 2005 and 2014 there was a dramatic increase nationally in hospitalizations involving opioids: the rate of opioid-related inpatient stays increased 64 percent, and the rate of opioid related emergency department (ED) visits nearly doubled. In a series of Statistical Briefs, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is providing descriptive information on opioid related hospitalizations nationally and at the State level, based on data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) Fast Stats online tool.

Multidisciplinary Pain Treatment in the World of Opioid Guidelines

June 12, 2017
Source: Pain Medicine News
Multidisciplinary pain centers have collected compelling evidence of efficacy for over four decades. The pain community should promote these models and decentralize them so they are accessible regionally, affordable, and tailored to individual patients and their cultural/social milieus.

Hepatitis C in pregnant women almost doubles amid opioid epidemic

May 24, 2017
Source: CBS News
The opioid epidemic currently plaguing the country is being blamed for a dramatic increase in the number of pregnant women with hepatitis C.

Award-winning Cincinnati doctors innovate to provide opioid alternatives for pain management

May 11, 2017
Source: Soapbox Cincinnati
A multi-disciplinary team at the University of Cincinnati Health is giving hope to those who are suffering through an innovative approach to helping people manage their pain holistically rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals. The program teaches chronic pain patients alternative ways to manage their pain in a group setting.