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Oregon nixes forced opioid tapers for back pain, declines to cover 5 other conditions

May 17, 2019
Source: Portland Business Journal
Back pain patients on long-term opioid therapy will not necessarily be required to taper off under a new policy.

Oregon officials to revisit back pain guidelines and revise chronic pain proposal

May 11, 2019
Source: Portland Business Journal
OHA's neck pain guidelines may be revised.

CDC Advises Against Misapplication of the Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

April 30, 2019
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Some policies, practices attributed to the Guideline are inconsistent with its recommendations

Health-care providers say CDC’s opioid guidelines are harming pain patients

April 3, 2019
Source: The Washington Post
Health-care providers say CDC's opioid guidelines are harming pain patients. The agency said it has several studies underway that examine the impact of the recommendations.

Women's Pain Is Different From Men's—the Drugs Could Be Too

March 29, 2019
Source: Wired
A study in the journal Brain reveals differences in the sensory nerves that enter the spinal cords of men and women with neuropathic pain, which is persistent shooting or burning pain. The first such study in humans, it provides the most compelling evidence yet that we need different drugs for men and women.

State hits pause button on chronic pain proposal

March 15, 2019
Source: The Bend Bulletin
Oregon health officials have delayed consideration of a controversial change under the Oregon Health Plan that could have forced many patients with chronic pain off opioids.

Why It Hurts to Lose Sleep

January 28, 2019
Source: The New York Times
Sleep deprivation can make your physical aches more painful. A new study begins to explain how that happens.

Oregon surgeon finds opioids mostly unnecessary for thyroid surgeries

November 13, 2018
Source: The Oregonian/OregonLive
An endocrine surgeon at OHSU Hospital found that she could reduce opioid prescriptions by changing the way pain is treated.

Signing Opioid Law, Trump Pledges To End 'Scourge' Of Drug Addiction

October 24, 2018
Source: National Public Radio (NPR)
With the nation reeling from an epidemic of drug overdose deaths, President Trump signed legislation Wednesday that is aimed at helping people overcome addiction and preventing addictions before they start.

Mayo Clinic National Health Checkup: Most Americans would choose an alternative to opioids following surgery

October 23, 2018
Source: Mayo Clinic News Network
While nearly all Americans say they would choose an alternative to opioid pain relievers following surgery, few patients are talking to their health care provider about it, according to the Mayo Clinic National Health Checkup.