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Be Safe

How to treat pain safely and develop strategies that work for a healthy life.

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How to Treat Pain Safely

There are many ways to treat persistent pain, and each option has its own set of risks and potential benefits — so how do you build a safe, effective strategy? Find out how to evaluate the pros and cons of each therapy, and make a plan that works for you.

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Guidelines for Using Opioids

Opioids are powerful, addictive drugs that can be deadly if misused. Learn what the proper dosage for opioids is, how they’re measured, and what they’re prescribed for.

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Emergency Overdose Reversal

Find out where you can access naloxone (Narcan), an FDA-approved drug used by EMTs around the world, and learn how to reverse an opioid overdose. It may save a life.

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Where to Get Rid of Opioids

If your short-term pain has ended, or if you’re living with persistent pain, it’s not safe to keep opioids in your home. Here’s how to get rid of these dangerous medications.

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Infographic: The Opioid Epidemic

Share this infographic to help your friends and neighbors understand the opioid epidemic and learn how to address their pain safely.

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