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What is pain? What treatment options are available? What about opioids?

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Understanding Pain

What are the different types of pain? What is chronic pain, and what treatments are available? Learn the basics so that you can take care of your health or provide support for your loved ones.

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How to Treat Pain

There are many options for treating chronic pain—from diet and nutrition to chiropractic therapy to over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. Learn what’s available and how to choose the best treatment for your situation.

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All About Opioids

Opioids, which are a family of narcotic pain relievers commonly used to treat chronic pain, are powerful medications with risky side effects. Learn what drugs are classified as opioids, and which state and federal laws govern them.

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Infographic: The Opioid Epidemic

Share this infographic to help your friends and neighbors understand the opioid epidemic and learn how to address their pain safely.

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Understand pain and treat it safely.