Do you live in Benton, Lincoln, or Linn County?

Making our communities safer

We want our communities to understand what pain is, learn effective strategies to treat pain safely, and end the opioid epidemic in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties.

To that end, PainWise offers free education and resources to empower patients, family members, local leaders, and healthcare providers to make safer, healthier decisions — improving the wellbeing of our communities as a whole.

Here’s how you can help

Share this website. Please spread the word among those in your network. The more people are aware of this effort, the more impact we’ll have.

Tell someone about a support group. Functional, effective support networks are hugely influential in helping those who are living with pain overcome opioid misuse or dependency. Browse our list of organizations and support groups in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties, and if you know someone who’s at risk, please encourage them to get the help they need.

Tell us about a support group. Do you know of an Oregon pain care support group that we don’t have listed? Let us know.

Start your own support group. You can create a pain care support group or community help center, if one doesn’t already exist in your area, or if there’s a need for more.

Volunteer or donate. Don’t have time to organize a group of your own? You can get involved in a way that works for you, by volunteering or donating directly to the organizations and support groups we’ve mentioned.