Do you live in Benton, Lincoln, or Linn County?

The opioid epidemic affects every community across our entire nation. This is an issue that crosses geographic, ethnic, religious, and economic boundaries. Only by coming together as a community and offering support to those who live with chronic pain, and providing tools to treat the substance abuse problems that characterize this particular epidemic, can we find a way to solve it.

How to Make Our Community Safer

To address Oregon pain management and education, PainWise is running an awareness campaign throughout Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties. The goal of the campaign is to educate the community about the opioid epidemic, and provide some of the tools, through this website, that will help people make safer decisions when treating their chronic pain.

You can help make our community safer by spreading the word about our campaign, and contributing directly through any of the organizations, events, or support groups listed on this website.

Another way to help is to create a pain management support group or community help center, if one doesn’t already exist in your area or if there is a need for more.

Oregon Pain Management Support Groups

A key factor in the successful treatment of someone who is dependent on or misusing opioids is that they have a functional and effective support network.

Here’s a list of organizations and support groups in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties. Pain patients can use these organizations and support groups to get the help they need. Others in the community who want to help can get involved by volunteering or donating directly to the organizations.

If you have an Oregon pain management support group to recommend for this website, use this form to tell us about it.