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Video: Managing chronic pain without drugs

As the damage of opioids becomes clear, doctors are increasingly looking for alternatives for managing pain. Biofeedback can reduce chronic pain, so can mindfulness training and yoga, Miles O'Brien reports.

Video: Face to Face with the Prescription Opioid Crisis

Each year 22,000 people die from prescription opioid overdoses. The National Safety Council shows that behind every statistic is a face, a person, and a story. 

Video: TIME & Mic Present - Life After Addiction

Following decades of dependency, one fateful overdose led to a chance at redemption. (Video contains explicit language and content that may not be suitable for children).

Video: Freedom From Opioids

Dr. Brent Godek (family physician), and Christien Boyer (former pain patient) talk about the dangers of using opioid medications. Christien shares her personal story of how her life changed when she became addicted to morphine, and her path to freedom.

The Drug Industry's Triumph Over the DEA

Amid a targeted lobbying effort, Congress weakened the DEA’s ability to go after drug distributors, even as opioid-related deaths continue to rise, a Washington Post and ‘60 Minutes’ investigation finds.

Video: PainWise Quick Tip - Guarding and Movement Justification

A Quick Tip video from PainWise, about the body's "guarding" response to pain, and the importance of movement when dealing with chronic pain.

Video: PainWise Quick Tip - Muscle Strengthening vs. Stretching

A Quick Tip video from PainWise, about the difference between strengthening and stretching muscles, two ways to potentially help manage chronic pain.

Video: PainWise Quick Tip - Breathing and Posture

A Quick Tip video from PainWise, showing a simple posture and breathing exercise from a recent PainWise class.

Video: PainWise Quick Tip - Pacing Yourself

A Quick Tip video from PainWise, about the importance of pacing yourself when dealing with chronic pain.

Video: Users of opioid painkillers often grapple with risking addiction or living with pain

Respondents who took part in The Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey on long-term, opioid painkiller use share their experiences of living with pain.