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Video: 'Iron Chef' fights chronic pain with food

Chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis almost forced Seamus Mullen out of the kitchen, until he decided to take control of his health with the thing he knew best -- food.

How to Describe Your Back Pain to Your Doctor

Using words that describe your pain when talking to your doctor may help you resolve the condition faster. Learn what most MDs want to know.

Trying Physical Therapy First For Low Back Pain May Curb Use Of Opioids

A study of patients with low back pain finds that those who got physical therapy first needed fewer pricey scans and surgeries and had "significantly lower out-of-pocket costs" for treatment overall.

Your child and chronic pain: How to ‘dial down’ the agony

An expert explains how psychological treatments are among the best tools to reduce such discomfort in kids.

Chronic Pain Management: Finding the Right Treatment Mix

Quick fixes are less likely to help than a combined approach to pain relief.

Alternatives to Drugs for Treating Pain

Specialists are exploring nondrug, noninvasive treatments, some of which have proved highly effective.

For Chronic Pain, A Change In Habits Can Beat Opioids For Relief

Roughly a third of Americans live with chronic pain, and many of them become dependent on opioids prescribed to treat it. But there's a growing consensus among pain specialists that a low-tech approach focused on lifestyle changes can be more effective.

Video: Redefining Pain

Dr. Kevin Cuccaro, Pain Specialist & Consultant, defines pain and introduces three components of the pain triangle to encourage people to think about pain and pain treatment differently.

Video: ACT Beyond Pain Program

Program creator and facilitator, Lianne Dyche, provides an overview of ACT Beyond Pain. The program uses modern pain science and evidence-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to guide students in an understanding of pain, and in developing tools with which to change their respective pain experiences.

Video: ACT Beyond Pain Program participant (Angelic Brower)

ACT Beyond Pain Program participant, Angelic Brower, discusses the life-changing accident she experienced and how this program helped her get beyond the pain and get her life back.