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Controlling Chronic Pain

A shift in approach delivers a dose of hope. Because of the opioid epidemic, physicians are looking at ways to treat chronic pain without narcotic pain medications. And attitudes and treatments are changing, to the ultimate benefit of the 50 million Americans who face this kind of unrelenting discomfort.

Can You Reshape Your Brain’s Response to Pain?

Most of us think of pain as something that arises after a physical injury, accident or damage from an illness or its treatment. But researchers are learning that, in some people, there can be another source of chronic pain.

How The Brain Shapes Pain And Links Ouch With Emotion

Pain signals interact with many different brain areas, including those involved in physical sensation, thinking and emotion.

Virtual Reality as Therapy for Pain

It’s more than a distraction, researchers say. It’s more like a brain hack that occupies the brain so fully that it has no room to process pain sensations at the same time.

For Chronic Low Back Pain, Mindfulness Can Beat Painkillers

Mindfulness meditation reduced pain and disability in people with chronic lower back pain.

To Fix That Pain In Your Back, You Might Have To Change The Way You Sit

In the past century, many Americans have lost the ability to sit in a way that doesn't strain their backs. Specialists say we could take a lesson from excellent sitters from other cultures.

Could This Treatment End Chronic Pain?

The best new, non-opioid therapy for pain may actually be a very old one.

Helping Children Conquer Chronic Pain

There is strong evidence for using psychological treatment for chronic pain, but that does not mean the pain isn’t real.

Video: 'Iron Chef' fights chronic pain with food

Chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis almost forced Seamus Mullen out of the kitchen, until he decided to take control of his health with the thing he knew best -- food.

How to Describe Your Back Pain to Your Doctor

Using words that describe your pain when talking to your doctor may help you resolve the condition faster. Learn what most MDs want to know.