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PainWise Infographic: The Opioid Epidemic

Print and share this infographic to help understand the opioid epidemic, and what it means to manage pain safely.

Painwise infographic

Video: Freedom from Opioids

Dr. Brent Godek (family physician), and Christien Boyer (former pain patient) talk about the dangers of using opioid medications. Christien shares her personal story of how her life changed when she became addicted to morphine, and her path to freedom.

We can.

Manage pain safely in our community.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Upcoming Classes & Events

Yoga for Pain Resiliency

February 22, 2018 7:00PM Live Well Studio
Live Well Studio is hosting a workshop that applies up-to-date pain science through the ancient art of Yoga.
Multi-week course

PainWise First Steps class, Newport

March 1, 2018 1:15PM Center for Health Education
This free, six-week course will provide participants with effective tools to help manage chronic pain. Each session will incorporate behavioral health and gentle movement components with instruction by a trained behaviorist and a physical therapist.
Multi-week course

Movement, Mindfulness, and Pain Science (MMAPS) Pain Program

March 13, 2018 1:00PM Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital - Rehabilitation Services
Multi-week course

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Opioid epidemic becomes urgent call for Marion County health officials, police

January 26, 2018
Source: Statesman Journal
In early January, Marion County health and public safety officials discussed how to address the region's growing opioid epidemic. They examined Gov. Brown's top legislative priorities, prescription practices among health officials, and police response to overdoses.

Federal government restrictions on opioid treatment hinder care

January 26, 2018
Source: MD Magazine
Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University published a review detailing opioid addiction treatment trends over the past century. The study, “Treatment and Prevention of Opioid Use Disorder: Challenges and Opportunities,” appeared in Annual Review of Public Health.

Surgeons Try Prescribing Fewer Opioids To Lower Addiction Risk

December 13, 2017
Source: Oregon Public Broadcasting
A group of surgeons at the University of Michigan has devised an approach to help curb the nation's opioid epidemic—starting at their own hospital.

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About PainWise

PainWise is a public resource created by a joint task force with health care partners located throughout Benton, Lincoln, and Linn counties in Oregon. Our goal is to end the opioid epidemic in our communities through education and resources on pain and pain management.